I’m procrastinating at work by starting to make our reception playlist today.  It seems like the British contingent will be pretty small, so I’m only putting in a few standards for that crowd (Ace of Base, Take That, etc). So far I’ve come across some pretty helpful sites, like this one from the Daily MirrorThis one is especially good for comprehensiveness.  There are some truly awful songs on there, but what wedding have you ever been to that didn’t play at least 5 awful songs? I’m trying to keep it down to 2.

I’ve also come across some real gems, like this version of Fools Rush In.  It seems a little sacrilegious not to use the Elvis version, so I’m torn. Maybe I’ll put In the Ghetto in there to make up for it.  Oh hell, I just listened to the Elvis version again, of course I have to go with him.  My main problem is that my musical tastes tend to run along the eclectic/sad bastard lines, so I’m fighting with myself to keep it mainstream and fun while throwing a few of my favorites in.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t quite see a way to make The Shins work.  I’ll probably post the list at a later date, after Simon has looked at it and slashed and burned.

I don’t know much, but I know this: there will be no Black Eyed Peas at my wedding.

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