Think of the families!

A Town Abuzz Over Prostitution and a Client List

Generally, women who were interviewed here seemed to applaud making the list public with as much information as possible. Men, on the other hand, generally thought that the crime was minor and that releasing the names would only harm the families.


Chet Galeucia, who lives in Saco, said he agreed with his wife that the names should be published. “If I committed a crime, they would publish my name and address,” he said.

But Jim Pickett, who lives in Portland, disagreed. “You don’t want to hurt the families,” he said. Asked whether the husband had not already hurt the family, he said: “But the family doesn’t know about it. It’s not the worst crime. It’s not like stealing.”

Besides, he said, going to a prostitute is “natural.” Who is the victim? he asked. “Certainly not the woman. She’s inviting it. She made $150,000 in 18 months.”

What. The. Eff. I’m actually pro legal prostitution. I mean, if that’s what you want to do for a living, get you some.  But A) I hate the bullshit argument that it’s natural for men to cheat on their wives, and B) if you don’t want to hurt families, don’t go to a hooker.


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