Things to remind myself

And someone will throw up and someone’s baby will cry during the vows and the music will be too young for the old people and too old for the young people and your relatives will glare at each other and get poisonously drunk and either fight or descend into mute fury, and in the middle of it all it will be time to cut the cake, which some relative or other will regard as very very urgent, and you’ll freak out and grab the caterer and say “Have you seen my husband?” and when you use that word for the first time, every dreadful thing happening around you will fade a bit as you realize that your family, the family you really belong to, has just shifted from the one you inherited to the one you’ve invented.

The Hairpin


One thought on “Things to remind myself

  1. This is absolutely true and perfect. Just remember that at the end of the day you will have each other and that you will, indeed, laugh at all the shenanigans. At least my mom won’t be there to be the drunkest!!! LOVE!

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