Gender roles

Along with the complicatedness that is going on around getting legally married in Mexico, we are basically doing everything ourselves, ceremony and reception-wise.  This is fun, but adds more stress to an already stressful situation (what? 80 people are coming to our crazy, informal, middle of nowhere party and we’re not even sure we’ll actually be getting married? No biggie!).

Anywho, we (read: Simon) really wanted to have a bagpiper play at the ceremony. Simon has a rugby friend who supposedly plays, so about a year ago we offered to fly him to Mexico for the wedding. He was excited, we were excited, it was going to save us tons of money, etc. Yeah, as you have probably guessed, that fell through.  As with everything else to do with this wedding, at the last minute.

Simon got pretty desperate and started contacting random pipers and offering to fly them to Mexico. Surprisingly, one of them wrote back with a big fat yes please….and a hefty price tag. He’s Canadian, but loves Mexico and offered to make his own arrangements, which is awesome. But of course, there’s the price.  Which is less than what we’re paying for the location fee, but more than the food. Oof.  This is the conversation we had about it before pulling the trigger:

Me: Is this really important to you?
Simon: Yes.
Me: Enough that we might have to cut back on honeymoon stuff?
Simon: I’m only getting married once, and I want to do it right. I feel like I would regret it if this wasn’t a part of it.
Me: I guess we just hired a bagpiper.


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