Inner peace

About a week ago I was in major freak out mode. It was partly due to the fact that our payments kept being rejected, and partly because we were having major communications issues.  This is one of the emails we translated:

Today I went to the registry office in Chetumal and
and gave me the authorization of your wedding,
also because of lack perseverance paid $ 207,
delivered to me on Friday.

If you can tell me what this means, I will pay you $207.

So anyway, I was in a pretty constant state of anxiety, which is rare for me, and was having non-stop, one after the other nightmares about all of the horrible things that would happen (the lake turned brown and there was sewage everywhere, we couldn’t get to Bacalar, everybody showed up 2 hours late and we were already changed into our normal clothes).  I also was constantly waking up at 4 am with similar, but more realistic fears running through my brain (what if everyone gets sick, someone is mugged, the music can’t be played and everybody has a terrible time). I guess about 4 days ago my body just said, “I’m done with you, crazy bitch,” and since then I’ve been in a state of supreme calm. Perhaps this is a bad sign, but there’s not much that can really get me overly concerned anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I’m busy as hell and have lists of the lists that I need to make.  But somehow zen has been reached and I just don’t give a fuck anymore.  Which I will take over last week’s just wanting this thing to be over.

Here are some gif’s of cats that might bring you inner peace, as well.

And baby elephants playing in a kiddie pool.

And some alpacas


T-minus 10 days

I’m pretty sure all of this is happening so that I won’t actually realize I’m getting MARRIED until the last second.  Because otherwise, that’s probably what I’d be thinking about.  I’ll call it “Distraction Therapy” and make a million dollars.