One of my favorite This American Life episodes starts with people (adults) admitting to false things that they believed in childhood that they somehow didn’t figure out until a somewhat embarrassingly late age.  One involved a person who thought that “quesadilla” meant “what’s the deal” in Spanish (Simon and I use that in conversation whenever we can), and another was a woman who thought that unicorns were real until she was at a college party and asked if they were endangered or extinct.

One of the blogs I follow had a similar story, and opened it up for comments. I have to post some of my favorites.

“I thought Alaska was an island until about a year ago (at the embarrassing age of 32) because it is portrayed on most US maps much like Hawaii is – like a phantom limb of the continent, floating around unattached, surrounded by water. I wish I had paid more attention to geography, or for that matter, globes, as a kid. My fiance was the one to inform me when I made a “very funny” comment after he mentioned that he would like to drive to Alaska.”

“I was in high school when a boyfriend informed me that Hawaii is not “off the coast of Florida, somewhere.””

“Until I was an early teenager, I thought persecuted and prosecuted were the same word. So when there were signs in stores that said ‘shoplifters will be prosecuted,’ I thought it was like they would be treated like the Jews during WWII.”

“When I was a kid, my parents would refer to the baby “they lost”. For the longest time, I believed they lost the baby when it fell out of the car.”

I know I had some of these, mostly involving pronunciations since I was a bookish kid, but I can’t really come up with any funny ones.  I still spell it “grey” instead of “gray” because I guess I read a lot of British books(?), and it wasn’t until college that I stopped spelling it “develope.”  See, it just looks more correct, develop seems naked.  Oh, and I’m pretty sure I pronounced it “im PO tent” instead of “IM po tent” for a long time. In my head, I mean, it’s not like I went around saying impotent all the time.

2 thoughts on “Quesadilla?

  1. My friend, who will go unnamed, believed that the moon cast its own glow until I informed her in GRAD SCHOOL (25-ish years old) that it was a cold, dead place that reflected the sun’s light…. I still giggle when I think about that!

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