This is fantastic.

Karen James@kejames We repeated the experiment because the first time I forgot to use an ethanol resistant pen to label the tubes. #overlyhonestmethods

Unix tool tip@UnixToolTip RT @trekkinglemon we implemented our algorithm in C because we don’t have a Matlab license #overlyhonestmethods

Rob Ford@robfordmancs We used Bayesian latent variable multilevel regression because only flashy new methods get published in this journal #overlyhonestmethods

Sylvain Deville@devillesylvain we didn’t read half of the papers we cite because they are behind a paywall #overlyhonestmethods #OA

Matt@droenn I cited this paper because everyone else has cited it, though noone has ever seen an actual copy #overlyhonestmethods

Atif Kukaswadia@MrEpid We don’t know how the results were obtained. The postdoc who did all the work has since left to start a bakery. #overlyhonestmethods

Ben Seymour@benosaka Blood samples were spun at 1500rpm because the centrifuge made a scary noise at higher speeds. #overlyhonestmethods

Ok, last one, I promise.

dr leigh@dr_leigh incubation lasted three days because this is how long the undergrad forgot the experiment in the fridge #overlyhonestmethods


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