Central America Scorecard

I’m starting to sort through our honeymoon pictures and am getting overwhelmed.  So instead of a real post, here is an abbreviated list of the best thing from each Central American country (we’ve visited. Plus Mexico).

Yucatan, Mexico: Best food, overall. We really missed guacamole further south, and Mexicans take breakfast pretty seriously.

Belize: Best hot sauce. Marie Sharp’s, which we carried with us throughout our honeymoon and snuck onto food when lesser variations were offered on tables, is still the best all around hot sauce we’ve come across.  Go for the middle of the road, green habenero sauce to get acquainted.  We’re not really crazy about the rest of the country (other than the outer Cayes).

El Salvador: Best airport. This is a bit unfair, as this is the only part of El Salvador we’ve seen, but it was beautiful (until you went to the bathroom, then you were right back in Central America again). We’ve got friends there, so hopefully we’ll have more info soon.

Nicaragua: Best rum. Flor de Caña won me over. Most bars call it a Nica libre rather than a Cuba libre (served with real-sugar Coke), and will apologize if they have to serve you anything less than the 7 year añejo. Honorable mention: amazingly crazy/corrupt politics. Look into William Walker to get a taste.

Costa Rica: Best everything else. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t my favorite country in Central America. However, it is difficult to argue with the pure natural beauty of the land and the overall hospitality of the people.  The downside of the general awesomeness of the country is that a LOT of Americans/Europeans think it’s pretty great too and have moved there.  It is also pretty expensive for the region.

Guatemala: We’ve only been on a day trip to Guatemala, so I feel it’s a bit unfair to judge. There are some amazing places I’d love to visit, and Tical was pretty cool.  We’re coming back, Guatemala.

Panama/Honduras: Bring it on. I’d like to learn what they’ve got to offer other than diving and a canal, so hopefully we’ll round out our Centroamerica experience before too long.

Also, I’d like to give a shout out to Taca airlines.  We had two 45 minute flights and we got a snack, a drink service, and a TV show on both.  And, bilingual crossword:


You’re really going to have to do something special to impress me, Delta.


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