Me at 13

The bigger the detachable doily collar, the closer to God.

I have to find the pictures of me at Horseshoe Bay in that EXACT SAME DRESS and with the EXACT SAME BANGS and send it to this person.  Stay tuned.

*UPDATE! Mom sent a picture of the dress!  I actually found a picture (of one of the many times I wore this dress) from my dad and Kathy’s wedding a few days ago.  I’m glad I hadn’t posted it yet because 1) I am not nearly as sassy (no bow), and 2) it is fairly obvious that Jayme was not there to get my bangs to their full potential.  My favorite part of this is Brooke’s fantastic and completely overshadowing doily.


I am disappointed in the napkins for hiding Brooke’s full outfit.

This is us on the boat(?) portion of Meme and Pere’s 50th Anniversary boat/train ride in San Antonio.  I remember getting extremely silly on too many Shirley Temples and telling the waitress that I was drunk.


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