We’re here!

Well, we and all of our bags made it to San Pedro.  I’m currently getting settled in at the “office,” which is a 3 bedroom house in the north-ish part of town.  This is actually advantageous, because there is a full kitchen and I can lock myself in my office/bedroom when I need to concentrate.  My boss is also a coffee and tea snob, so we’ve got an espresso machine and a kettle.  I’ve already located a tortillaria just up the road, so I foresee quite a bit of huevos rancheros in my future.

We’re still house hunting, and I’m hopeful that we’ll find something today. I have a few appointments this afternoon and a few more leads to follow up on.  In the meantime here are a few photos from our trip down and what we’ve been doing since we’ve been here.

Venice and the tip of Louisiana from the plane

Venice and the last bit of Louisiana from the plane

The Tropic Air flight from Belize City to San Pedro

Just some islands on the way to San Pedro

If anyone would like to chip in a monthly timeshare fee, I might be able to afford this.

Bar dog

Fantastic ceviche, served in an abalone shell. Unfortunately there is a disturbing lack of avocados on this island.

Another bar dog

Our bikes across the street from the pupusa restuarant

That’s it for now! I’m off to meet with more potential landlords.

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