Blogging is weird

While I mostly write this for friends and family, this being a public blog, there is of course a potential broader audience that can come in at any time to see what I’ve been talking about.  It’s fun to get likes and followers from other bloggers I’ve never met, but it’s pretty obvious that the vast majority of them are just trying to generate traffic for their own blogs.

I guess we all want to be travel writers.

I don’t mind so much, and it’s been pretty small up to this point. (Not to alienate any of you strangers who actually like my blog, but I’ve not gotten any comments from you guys, so sorry if I don’t believe that you’re really reading it.)

But then I looked at my Spam Folder today, and there are 97 spammed comments mostly in response to my throwaway “Mmm” post from a couple of days ago.  Just as a point of reference, normally I get about 2 spam comments a month.  I noticed a while ago that anything with the tag “travel” got more attention than anything else, but I’m seriously stumped on this one.  Most spam comments are a variation on “I’ve read your work and it is unique and wonderful. I hope to learn more about you, please click on this sketchy link so we can speak of the complexities of human existence.”  I’m not sure if wordpress has recently been inundated, or if I’ve just been here long enough to attract a large amount of spammers.  In any case, here is my favorite spam message from “Mmm.”

The solution is to listen to them. How to will i ever get a girlfriend Actually you don’t. She was a darkness i need to hide your feelings” or” I’d really love it! But it’s not at the intensity you think it will help you understand the reason why things didn’t work out with one another, so it seems like every road leads will i ever get a girlfriend you to a dead end.

I mean this is like AOL chat room spam-poetry bullshit from 1996.  Fortunately, wordpress deals with this stuff well, and I only saw it because I clicked on the Spam folder, but still. Are we really still in Nigerian Prince territory?


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