Photos from the last couple of weeks

Not too much report, but I’ve been taking a few photos around town and thought I’d share.  My friend Cecilia and I rode our bikes up north a couple of weekends ago and hung out at the famous Palapa Bar, which has inner tubes tied up next to the pier. Unfortunately, the 90% chance of rain held true, so we skipped the in-water part of the activity. Fortunately, it was a 10 minutes of rain followed by an hour of sun, on repeat, for most of the day kind of 90%, so we were spared a soaking. We tried to walk over to the lagoon but were immediately set upon by attack mosquitoes and retreated.

Lonely house

Here are a few other pictures from San Pedro.

See, we even have a K-Mart

Sunday brunch view, on a crazy windy day.

I’ve never understood this sign, it’s just before a dogleg in the road.

The new bartender at Waruguma has a sense of humor.

Just look at all of the individual elements. Only a goat would have made this complete.

I know I put him on FB already, but I really like this shot. Taken at Wet Willy’s on Sunday.

I have finally acquired a sofa and non-disgusting chair, so my apartment actually looks like a normal person lives there. It’s not a sleeper, so if you’re coming down, bring an air mattress. 🙂

Can’t quite stretch out, but it’s a big improvement.

That’s about it! I got to do a half day of field work today at Shark Ray Alley for a pilot project. Here are some pictures the volunteers took while chasing a southern stingray and nurse shark with a size estimation tool (30 cm across).

We’re still perfecting the technique.

Some were more cooperative than others.

This could be you.


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