True facts about Belize

1. If you don’t pay your electricity bill on time, they will shut it off.  The day after the bill is due.  Even if you didn’t receive said bill.

2. They stagger everyone’s due dates on the island so that the guy who shuts off the power to your house doesn’t have to do them all on the same day.

3. Several months ago the guy who reads the meters retired or quit, and so for a month nobody knew how much electricity was being used.  Logically, BEL (Belize Electricity Limited) decided to charge everyone the same amount from the previous month, plus 50%. There was such an uproar that the main office conducted an investigation. I’m not sure what the outcome was.

4. There are two BEL offices in San Pedro.  At one office you can pay your bill, but only if you have a copy of it. If for whatever reason, you did not get your bill, this office cannot look up your account information or tell you how much you owe.  The second office is, of course, on the other end of town. At this office they can print out your current statement, but you cannot pay your bill there.

5.  Yes, I know the “other end of town” is only a half mile away, but have I mentioned that it’s hot here?

6.  If you don’t know the meter number or the person whose name your meter is under, you are screwed, so make sure you hang on to your old electric bills!

7.  You can also pay your electricity and water bills (but only if you have physical copies of course) at any Atlantic Bank branch. This seems odd to me.

All of this to say, I managed to pay my electricity bill yesterday just under the wire, despite the fact that I did not receive a bill, nor had I saved my statement from last month.  I’m really appreciating the AC today.

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