New addition

This is my new feral cat (sorry for the lousy photo).


She and her three kittens showed up a couple of months ago, and being the hard hearted, practical person that I am I immediately called the humane society and had them all fixed and vaccinated and sent them on their way. Or I fed them every day and watched them play and nurse and be generally adorable for about a month while feeling guilty. (Hint, it was the second one).

We’re lucky to have a great humane society here, so I did eventually have them all fixed (Simon and I trapped the kittens by hand and SAGA sent out a trap for the mother) and the goal is to have the kittens tamed and adopted out. (I’m such a sucker that I’ve actually visited the kittens to make sure they were ok). The mama cat was re-released, however, and I figured she would be traumatized by the whole experience and I’d never see her again. But the day she was released, she showed back up on my porch, probably not knowing what else to do. I started leaving out a little food, feeling quite a bit like my grandmother, Meme, who fed all of the feral cats in Texas. Mom admonished me for feeding stray cats. I may have fibbed a bit about it.

So when Mom came down to visit I was feeling a bit sheepish about my daily visitor. When the cat appeared the day she arrived, Mom said to her, “Oh, hi honey! You’re so pretty, are you hungry,” then named her Black Pearl and started sneaking her more food during the day. Pearl now comes to my door every evening as soon as she hears my gate close, and I put out a few crunchies or a chicken bone. I can’t figure out why, but when she’s done eating she just sits and stares in the window for about an hour each evening. She’s not hungry, she doesn’t want to come inside, and she’ll run away if I open the door. I think she likes to watch me cook. But there’s also the possibility that’s she’s planning to off Mia and take all of his food.





I mean, how cute is her little clipped ear? It’s so bad, I’ve actually got a friend stopping by while I’m away for the next few weeks to leave food out. For a feral cat. I think I need an intervention.


One thought on “New addition

  1. So adorable! Winnie sits outside our french door and watches us like that too. We think she’s planning our murders, but then, who would feed her?

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