Good news!

The Mediterranean Diet includes at least 7 glasses of wine per week.  Well, if you insist!


Today in the news

“If you were someone mildly interested in cannibalism 30 years ago, it was really hard to find someone in real space to find common cause with,”

From an article in the NYT about a police officer who is on trial for plotting to kill and eat women, including his wife.  Obviously this is pure voyeuristic curiosity, but I really, really want to know what their marriage was like.

Bad Waffel House

We’re having our weekly 30 minute discussion about where to go for lunch as a group (there are 3-6 of us who go to lunch together on Fridays).  I decided to Google Map all of the local restaurants to try to get us out of the Andy’s-Liza’s-Dee’s funk we’ve been in lately.  While perusing, I came across the reviews for one of the (literally) dozens of Waffle Houses in the area.

Food Excellent Decor Very good Service Excellent
Amazing food. Seriously some of the best waffles I have ever had. The service was top notch. We went with a party of 7 including 3 kids. Our food was cooked and served quicker than we thought possible. We read it was cash only. We brought cash just in case but I didn’t even ask if they took cards. Without a doubt I will be back and will recommend this place to others.
This person probably took like an hour to write this one:
Overall Poor to fair
today 6/10/2010 myself, my military husband and daughter went to this location to have breakfast, we order a sweet tea,hot choclate and a hi c fruit punch to start, shortly after we ordered 2 t bone stake and eggs witch states 9.80 menu price come with eggs,toast and grits.we aske to have omlet styled eggs and waffels in stead of toast and grits. my husband ordered the waffle and sausage combo 2.65 on the menu and tripple hash brown with sausage gray 5.60 on the menu. the sever was nice but she brought us waffles then 2 min later my grits and omlet while my daughter waited 30 mins for her omlet, 30 mins later she bring my stake that was well done she had to take it back three times, then 20 mins later my daughter recived her stake.all the while my husbnd still waiting for his hash browns with sausage gravy. 30 mins later it comes.the food was disgusting, they said they had ran out of straws, and there was little black ants crawling on the table. when the sever cae with the bill the meal we had coast 51.93 for the little nasty food we had.I asked to brake down wha we we’re gettin charged for the charged three separate meals for my daughter and i a peice.she said she charged my for 2 grit mels 7.20 each, 2 sides of waffles 1.35 each ,and a t bones for 9.80 each. i ask why did you do that when every thing i asked for was in the 9.80 t bone and egg meal and i exspected to pay just a little more for omlet style eggs instead of regular and for waffle subing the toast but that was crazy the manager was to bust to come talk with us she told the server just give us 10% off witch brougt it to 46.46 but that was redicules. never eat here bad waffel house
Overall Excellent
I do not know what people are talking about. It was a great place. Food was amazing.
Liked: Food, Atmosphere, Value
Disliked: Service

I mean seriously, these people are writing reviews like they’ve never even HEARD of a Waffle House before.

New music Wednesday!

Well, mostly new music.

Sin Fang, Young Boys


This came out last year, but I forgot to put it on my best of list.  Well it’s not really a best of, but it’s pretty good.

NPR is streaming Atoms For Peace’s (Thom Yorke’s other band) new album.

And here’s some Lana Del Rey if you’re in to that kind of thing.

Hard to believe she looked like this before they invented her.

This one’s actually pretty old, but I love it and want you to watch the video if you’ve never seen it.


And, this isn’t new music, but I’m too lazy to make a new post for it.